January Workshop

Starkville Strings School is partnering with the Columbus Suzuki Program to host young violinists from Japan, who are visiting our programs.

Our events include rehearsals on the evenings of January 25th and 26th, and we will jointly host a concert at 12 PM noon in Columbus at The Columbus Arts Council on Saturday the 27th.

Our event categories include a Suzuki Volume 1 Class, a Suzuki Volume 2 and 3 Class, and an Advanced String Orchestra Class.

Our clinicians for this festival are Ms. Diane Ford of the Columbus Suzuki Program and Ms. Shandy Phillips of the Starkville Strings School, as well as a talk about “the value of listening” with a panel of Japanese parents of violin students, and translators, on Friday evening, January 26th.

JANUARY WORKSHOP SCHEDULE:  Thurs-Sat. Jan 25, 26, and 27th
Thurs, 1/25/18:  Location Columbus Arts Council, Downtown Columbus
*Violin Book 1 students:  5-5:45
*Violin Book 2 and 3 students:  5:45-6:30
*Advanced violin, viola, and cello students Book 4 and up:  6:30-7:30

Friday, 1/26/18:  Location Starkville Strings School, 1004 N. Jackson St./Hwy 389, Starkville
Same schedule as Thursday.

Saturday, 1/27/18:  Location Columbus Arts Council
*Violin Book 1 students:  9:15-10:00
*Violin Book 2 and 3 students:  10:00-10:45
*Advanced violin, Viola, and cello students Book 4 and up:  10:45-11:30

(Workshop Repertoire List for Participants:  Rhythms- Perpetual Motion, Minuet 1, Chorus, Musette, Hunter’s Chorus, W Dance, Gavotte from Mignon, Humoresque, Martini Gavotte, Advanced orchestra choice/s)

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Chamber orchestra refers generally to a smaller orchestra comprised of stringed instrumentalists.  In this class, which meets for an hour once a week, students learn orchestral skills which they can take into a wider arena of orchestral playing.  Learning to play together in a large ensemble is an important life skill for musicians.

Chamber music is music performed by multiple players in small numbers, one player per part.  This class promotes musical awareness, independence and interdependence.  Students are highly encouraged to set up their own outside rehearsals, and each group is coached by an instructor once a week.

Private lessons are generally half an hour once a week, and one-on-one with a private violin, viola, or cello instructor within the school.  Some private lessons are 20 minutes once a week, if a student is of a very young age (3-5 years old) and is beginning an instrument.  Other lesson are 45 minutes each week, or one hour each week, if a student has progressed to the point of requiring more time.